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Organising Voluntary Projects, Internships and Gap Years since 1994.

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Kick-start your career, make your CV or Résumé stand out from the crowd. Gain valuable experience and skills!
Since 1994, we've run a wide variety of overseas Internships across a diverse range of industries and destinations. The host organisations only accept interns through us and not direct because of our expert vetting process and care in pairing interns and internships.
And if you can't find a relevant match, we'll customise one for you!
We also partner with many Universities, helping provide student accredited placements. Like the hundreds of emails we’ve had from previous interns, you’ll also be saying, “This was the best thing I’ve ever done!”

It was thanks to the Travellers placement that I'm now in my dream job. Andrew McGlashan

  • Your own dedicated Programme Coordinator
  • Local support in all our destinations, with induction and orientation on arrival
  • Destinations and programmes fully risk assessed and analysed, plus 24/7 emergency support
  • Emergency and crisis response procedures for all destinations
  • Financial Protection insurance
  • Comprehensive information packs covering everything you need to know
  • Safety Guide plus ID Card with all contact details, easy to carry around
  • Monitoring and communication throughout, plus post-programme evaluation and Certificate
With retrospect, my decision to travel to Sri Lanka as a Travellers Worldwide Volunteer has proved to be amongst the most critical and rewarding choices of my life to date, allowing me to travel in safety with complete confidence, and to progress both professionally and personally. Andrew Pierce
If you can't find your ideal choice of work experience from the fields shown on this page, we can arrange and customise an internship for you in your Sector.

In September I was offered a 6 month contract with MTV as their creative intern, and upon nearing the end of my contract, have now been offered a year contract at the BBC as production co ordinator.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my experience, both work and culturally, in Australia. I would hugely recommend this to anyone, especially those who want to break into media via an alternative path. Even for those who do not want to obtain a career in the media, my employer said she was impressed with the month I did in Australia, because it showed I had the initiative to get out there and do something productive, and it was something that stood out amongst the hundreds of CVs she received!

I really hope you continue with your programs across the world, and that people benefit from them as much as I did. It really is something I will never forget. Thanks a million. Carmen Butcher

I have just finished my medicine interviews and I cannot do justice to how important my experience in India was to my application, so much so that yesterday I received an offer from Manchester (which was where I really wanted to go!).

Not only this but my experience contributed to me getting a job in the NHS. My experience in a foreign healthcare setting gave me something great to talk about in interview and as a result I gained employment as a healthcare assistant (or auxillary nurse) on a surgical ward, again something that impressed at interview, and a job I am not sure I would have gained without my Indian experience, especially when you consider how competitive job applications in the UK are today!Joe Harris, Medicine, India