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MOROCCO Welcomes You!
Morocco has beautiful beaches and coastline, fantastic culture and heritage, and the winding streets of the ancient medinas (old towns).

You can help the local community in this fascinating country by assisting with teaching English or French to underprivileged children in schools'

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Teach English or French to Underprivileged Children in Schools in Errachidia
Work with children from 13 to 18 years old who will benefit enormously from your help! You will be teaching them English that they wouldn't have the chance to learn otherwise! The students come from different walks of life and backgrounds, but many of the students are from poor, agricultural background. Thus, the opportunity you provide for them to learn English is very valuable.
After Arabic, French is the second official language of Morocco and the demand for French teachers, especially outside of the main cities, is huge, so your efforts here are very much appreciated.

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I feel that I gained some teaching experience and a lot of communication and language skills. The best thing about the placement was the family. They were so welcoming and kind.

I would recommend the placement for someone who wants to get an insight into true Moroccan culture, not one that is just presented to tourists in big cities.

This placement would suit an open-minded person eager to learn and meet very warm and nice people. Also, someone studying French would get a good exposure to the language. Lastly of course, someone looking for some teaching experience would also benefit.. Aizhan Shorman

The placement appealed to me as a way of finding out more about Morocco and Moroccan culture, whilst doing something challenging and worthwhile. I am grateful to the family who accommodated and fed me, for their kindness and generosity. I was made to feel very much at home, and accepted as a member of the family during my month in Errachidia. The school staff were helpful and the students were motivated and charming. Classes could be a little chaotic, but we had a lot of fun! Jane Attwool