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Organising Voluntary Projects, Internships and Gap Years since 1994.


Jennifer Perkes | Managing Director, Co-Founder

Jennifer and her husband, Phil, set up Travellers together back in 1994, driven by their mutual enjoyment of travelling, their love of animals and their desire to help disadvantaged children. When Phil died unexpectedly in August 2004, Jennifer carried out Phil's wish and set up a non-profit Foundation whose objectives are to help threatened animals and to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

The photo is of camera-shy Jen showing excited children on one of Travellers' projects in South Africa the photo she had just taken of them. Jen's hobbies include messing around on computers, music, writing, playing with her dog and trying to find time to smell life's roses!

Andrew Kemp | Overseas Development and Operations Manager

Andrew volunteered with Travellers in South Africa, teaching English and Design Technology to township children. His love of Africa has taken him back there many times over. His work in Travellers has taken him to most of our destination countries, and also to Australia and New Zealand where he spent a few years as Manager. While there he met and married Amber, a terrific Australian girl.

Andy is in charge of Overseas Development and is Operations Manager.

Avin Garemogg | IT Director

Avin joined Travellers full-time in 2005 but had previously looked after Travellers IT and IS ever since the organisation began in 1994. Prior to joining Travellers, Avin was an IT consultant specialising in large scale Citrix deployments. (He also has more IT qualifications than we could possibly fit on this page!)

Avin has a wife and two children. H did start to learn to play guitar... but we haven't heard any more about it so we assume he's given that one up! He also enjoys reading (loves science fiction), music, tech stuff - and all things Brazilian.

Mark Johnson | Marketing Manager

Mark joined Travellers in 2010 and comes from an extensive Marketing background. He is tasked with getting the great projects that Travellers has to offer in front of as many people as possible.

Having gotten the long distance travel bug out of his system, Mark likes to holiday with his wife and five children closer to home now and is on track to conquer Europe. He's a big animal lover and has a bizarre sense of humour - he drives everyone in the office crazy!

Gerardo Cardinale | Financial Controller

""I joined Travellers nearly 6 years ago and I am thoroughly enjoying working here as the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. I enjoy interacting with the teams, here and overseas, with our volunteers and I also enjoy the variety of tasks within my main duties.

There is nothing more satisfying than spending time with family, having a nice meal and obviously, being Italian ... a nice bottle of red wine! :-) I have been living in the UK about 37 years and have no intention of moving back to Italy, especially as I love spending time with my four grandchildren."

Kath Mortimore | Head of Recruitment and Project Co-ordinator

Kath’s passion for travel led to her join the Travellers’ team in 2010. She loves nothing more than planning exciting and rewarding overseas trips for others (but always wishes she could go with them!). Amongst other destinations, Kath is the Project Co-ordinator for Malaysia and handles one of our most popular programmes – Orang-utan Conservation programme in Borneo. Having visited the Orang-utan Centre herself, she was completely mesmerised by these amazing creatures and their plight.

When Kath isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, eating out (and watching all TV shows relating to food) – an obsessive “Foodie”! When not eating, she can be found at the gym, trying to burn off all those extra calories!

Her love of travel is driven by a keen interest in ancient architecture/temples ... and trying to photograph them! Her most memorable trips so far have been visits to the Angkor Wat temples (Cambodia), Petra (Jordan), the ancient temples/pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal (India). Her travel ‘bucket list’ grows longer every year - as soon as one’s ticked off, 2 more are added!

Liz Tratt | Project Co-ordinator

Liz joined Travellers in 2005 and is a wealth of knowledge on most of our destinations and projects, making her an excellent source of information for our volunteers. Liz is very well liked by staff and project members alike, and very much loved by the children in the schools she deals with - when she visited the Travellers project at a primary school in a small Zulu village in South Africa, she was overwhelmed by the welcome she received from the kids ... She still tears up when she thinks about them (Liz is a big softie!).

Katie Gray | Project Co-ordinator

Kate joined Travellers early in 2006. As a Project Co-ordinator, she has travelled extensively and, like Liz, is very knowledgeable about many of our destinations and projects. She has two children and a dog named Smudge. Kate is very active (wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, motorbike...) and game for anything - nothing phases her. We just shake our heads and hope she stays injury-free!

Amielle Fischli | Recruitment and Marketing

Amielle is Swiss-South African, brought up in South Africa and currently lives in the USA. She helps with recruitment, marketing and PR. She has a passion for dancing and cooking and when she's not on her laptop, she's either choreographing or practicing her cooking skills. She's been dancing for over 15 years and also has a degree in Fine Art Photography. She also loves books and music.

"Why I love working for Travellers Worldwide - Because every single day that I speak to an enquiry or a volunteer, I know indirectly I have just changed their lives and improved the project they have chosen. Every single action I make impacts someone’s life. I make new friends every day. Who could not love their job? Travellers isn’t a company it’s a family and that makes the difference."

Ivy Adams | Project Co-ordinator

Ivy came to Travellers as an intern during her Tourism Management course at Bournemouth University. As part of her placement she was required to do a 40 week work placement, which she duly completed. She returned to University and at the end of her studies, she's returned to Travellers as a full-time member of the team ... and we are thrilled to have her back again!

Ivy was born in Ghana, so she's a natural to be dealing with Ghana and helping all our volunteers who go there. She is also Project Co-ordinator for a few of our other destination countries as well. Ivy has a passion for shopping and is a bit of a book worm with a particular love for Crime thrillers. Her laughter fills the office - she's full of fun, with a great sense of humour. We all love her to bits.

Stephanie Mueller-Davis | Administration & Project Co-ordinator

Stephanie joined Travellers in June 2009. Originally from Germany, Stephanie moved to the UK in 2006 and has now settled down with her husband here in Worthing and she has one son, Max. She has a degree (Diplom, German university degree) in Business Studies with a major in Tourism Management and Marketing. She also did an internship in Sydney, so has a good understanding of what our interns need when doing their own internships.