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When you submit the Booking Form to join a placement, it should be accompanied by payment of a deposit of £99. If you apply for a placement via the on-line booking form from our website, you can pay securely via PayPal using a credit/debit card. If you'd rather pay by cheque or bank transfer please organise this ASAP after submission of the form to enable us to start making arrangements for your placement.

If you're booking a Program that has a discount applied (e.g. multiple project discount, reduced deposit), please see these discount terms & conditions

Once we have received and processed your Booking Form, and provided we can meet all your expressed requirements, such as the town or country you would like to go to, we will confirm your placement and send you the following:

  • Our welcome letter, including proposed travel dates for your approval. You'll also be given a username and password to our Volunteer Extranet where we provide all the following documentation:
  • Visa Information: All relevant forms with covering letters, plus full instructions on how to apply for your Visa, together with any necessary invitations from your destination country or other required paperwork.
  • Insurance Information: Information from an insurance company which we have investigated to ensure that you will be adequately covered for your trip, plus necessary forms and quotation. (You can, of course, take out insurance with any company of your choice. However, we do insist that you take out insurance and that it is adequate. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us as many questions as you want to - we are always there to help you!)
  • Your Placement Book: Contains lots of necessary information and advice about your placement, including in-country contact details and telephone numbers. There is also information on medical matters and inoculations, insurance, safety, currencies and travellers cheques, communications and mobile phones, and much more. , , , travel information, lots of information about the country you have chosen, medical matters, address and telephone numbers of our organisation in your host country, and so forth.
  • Your Project Book: Contains information about the specific project you'll be doing.
  • Your Country Book: Contains lots of information about your destination country
  • A Teaching Guide booklet to assist you in lesson preparation (if you're doing a Teaching project).
  • Your Safety Book: Safety is vitally important, so Travellers has put together a book of common-sense safety rules to help ensure that your travelling is as hassle-free and risk-free as possible, not only during the time of your placement, but also when you go onward on any leisure travel once your project is completed.
  • Various Manuals that may be applicable to your programme (such as Sports Coaching Manuals)
  • Plus any other additional information which will be useful to you during your placement or travelling, or when planning and preparing for your trip.

If we cannot place you in the country of your choice, we will suggest another programme which we think may suit you. However, if you are not satisfied with our suggestion, WE WILL RETURN ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE SENT US.

If you wish to amend or cancel your placement, we must be notified in writing and, unfortunately, charges for these are unavoidable. Amendment charges can range from £30 upwards, plus any amount we may be charged by third parties. The charge for cancellation will depend on how far in advance of your originally preferred departure date you have notified us in writing, and are as follows:

  • If you cancel your placement/s at any time prior to 91 days before your departure date, we will refund all the money you have paid towards the cost of your booked project, less £99 administration fee per project.
  • If you cancel between 61 and 90 days prior to your departure date, the cancellation charge is one-third of the cost of your programme.
  • If you cancel between 31 and 60 days prior to your departure date, the cancellation charge is two-thirds of the cost of your programme.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of your departure date, the cancellation charge is 100% of the cost of your programme.

Please note that payment of any outstanding balance is due three months before your departure date.

Our prices are valid for departures within 6 months of booking. For projects starting later, price fluctuations may apply owing to circumstances beyond our control, such as significant changes in oil or fuel prices, exchange rates, etc. Please note that you will be re-invoiced 6 months prior to actual departure in this instance.

Add-On Activities and other extra services such as private transfers, private accommodation, are provided by third parties and are not officially part of the Travellers programme. You are therefore responsible for your own safety and arrangements on and/or relating to the activity. Travellers Worldwide is not responsible for any changes, cancelation or running of Add-On Activities. Due to the 'no-refund policy' imposed on us by the operators, we need full payment before we are able to confirm you on the activity. Please also note that because of the operators' policies, Add-On Activities are non-refundable in the event of cancellation for any reason, whether by you or by us.

Due to popularity of Add-Ons generally, we recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Any prices quoted on this site are subject to change without notification. All prices are quoted on a 'from' basis and are subject to availability. All bookings made are subject to fulfilling the payment and eligibility requirements of the activity - failure to do so may result in a reservation being cancelled.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any external third parties.

You will need to buy your own visas (visa application forms and details on how to obtain your visa will be sent to you).

Travellers Worldwide works with over 300 projects throughout the world. In many of the projects in which we work, volunteers are often placed into positions of trust; whether it’s volunteering as a teacher, coach, carer, nurse, researcher, and so on. We will, therefore, ask you to apply for a Criminal Records Check (CRB) if participation in your chosen programme brings you into contact with children or vulnerable adults. We'll make the process very easy for you and we provide you with a guide and the necessary links to the relevant sources.

If you'd like more information about the CRB or its Disclosure service, visit their website at

To maintain an acceptable standard of dress, it is mandatory for volunteers on certain projects (usually conservation or teaching projects) to have a Travellers T-shirt and to wear it while you are working. For projects where T-shirts are required, you will be sent one T-shirt FREE OF CHARGE. Additional T-shirts can be ordered on request - an order form will be sent to you once you have applied to join our programme. The cost is £9.95 per T-shirt.

Where you receive a free T-shirt, this means that it is mandatory for you to wear it on your project, although on some projects you may not be required to wear it all the time - it depends on the project management.

Please keep in mind that you are going to foreign shores where the way of life is different to your own. There may be times when you find yourself frustrated over the way things are done or how people think - but remember that it is the differences between us that make life interesting! The three things you need most of all when travelling in any foreign country are ...

  • A sense of humour, and
  • A spirit of adventure.
  • Adaptability and patience.

If you have these, you'll have a wonderful time!

Please note that Travellers is not an employment agency
We are also not a travel agency and we can't control timetables and schedules of airlines, trains, etc. (unfortunately!) - although we wish we could! So please take heed of the section entitled What You Need above!
Our managers and organisers overseas will do everything they can to help you with additional things like sightseeing and suggesting places to eat and shop and tourist attractions to visit.

UPDATED 07/10/2015

A voluntary placement in a foreign and often exotic country is something you'll appreciate for the rest of your life - you will certainly never forget it!