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Organising Voluntary Projects, Internships and Gap Years since 1994.


Since its establishment in 1994, Travellers Worldwide have always been dedicated to pursuing excellence in everything it does, with health and safety at it’s very core.

As a leading international provider of voluntary placement overseas, we are never complacent about health and safety and never pretend that travelling is risk free, we respect that hazards are inevitable part of our environment as well as part of everyday life. However, whilst it’s impossible to eliminate all risks there are things that can be done to help minimise risks with procedures, sensible behaviour and embracing some simple precautions.

We conduct formal written risk assessments on all our programmes to identify any potential risks to health, safety and security in all our destinations. We are a Founder Member of the Year Out Group and comply to their standards and are consistently monitoring our destinations with bodies including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice, Red24, our overseas team who are based in our destination and other reputable sources.

We are committed to the safety and support of everyone participating on our programme and always happy to discuss our health and safety procedures and any other operational matters with you, your family or anyone else at anytime.

Travellers Worldwide provides:

  • Financial Protection
  • All volunteers are provided with a dedicated Project Coordinator (our home team) who will help with your arrangements from beginning to end.
  • Local support in all our destinations.
  • Destinations that have been risk assessed and analysed.
  • Emergency and crisis response procedures for all destinations.
  • 24/7 support whilst you are on your programme.
  • Comprehensive information packs covering everything you need to know about the placement.
  • Safety Guide - with travel tips, put together by Travellers to help you travel safely.
  • An ID Card - this is a wallet-sized card with your photo and the address and telephone numbers of Travellers Overseas office and our local office here in the UK.
  • Contact information, i.e. the address and telephone number of your Overseas Travellers Manager and, where relevant, the contact details of your host work organisation.
  • Induction and orientation on arrival.
  • Monitor and maintain constant communication throughout your placement.
  • And much more...

Finally, we are also dedicated to the safety and welfare of the projects (i.e. schools, care centres...) and communities we work with. We therefore have strict practices and have care and responsible travel policies in place and work closely with our local staff to ensure all our participants are vetted and that our programmes are making positive contribution to the local community and environment we work in.

Travellers also supports the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Know Before You Go